What Is Web Accessibility Program Management?

It will take extra energy and determination from all of the staff members to continue accessibility into our web culture. However it is necessary to have accessibility experts within each organization, but all of the other staff members within an organization also play an important role in our accessibility program management.


Jobs, Roles, and Responsibilities

Everyone on a team has a role and responsibility for adding and maintaining web accessibility, and it needs to be taken seriously in every role. An employee contributes to include accessibility in his or her role and ensure that accessibility is permanently embedded into the team’s workflow.


Directors and Program Managers

Directors and program managers need to know the fundamentals of web accessibility.

They should also conduct research and make a business case for accessibility, and consider their teams’ needs for implementing accessibility into their project.


Web Designers

Web designers need to learn how their visual designs, user interface, and user experience have an impact on accessibility. In addition, designers need to be able to convey how accessibility should be merged in their designs so developers have a starting point for coding for web accessibility. In web designers training, they should not only learn about users with disabilities, but how web accessibility standards can be applied  into the early designing  phase, and where accessibility can be easily understood during the development phase of the project.


Web Developers

Like other roles and jobs, web developers should be trained on the fundamentals of accessibility. They need to learn how to create accessible code, as code plays a major role in deciding whether the project is accessible or not. Moreover, web developers need to learn how to test for web accessibility during the development phase of the project. Running automated unit tests, integration tests, and conducting keyboard-only and screen reader testing will help developers discover issues well before the final product is ready.


Quality Assurance Testing

When web accessibility issues are identified, the bug reports written for those issues must be detailed enough for fixing the issues.

Accessibility Bug Report

Descriptive Title:

Provide a descriptive title that identifies the accessibility issue


Issue Description:

Provide a detailed description of the issue


Severity of the issue:

Find the level of Severity of the bug, like is it Critical? Serious? Moderate? Minor? Whenever possible, try to include recommendations for fixing the issue



It means the content is completely inaccessible and solution should be a top priority.

Or else it will make the organization highly vulnerable to legal action.



Until a solution is implemented, some content will be inaccessible, making the organization vulnerable to legal action.



This issue will make some content inaccessible for individuals with disabilities but would not stop them from accessing main elements or content. This might make the organization vulnerable to legal action.



This issue is not that critical but can be dealt in the last.

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