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[ADA, Section 508 or WCAG 2.0]


According to International-Law, it’s important for your website to be accessible by visitors with various disabilities. I can make most web-sites accessible by testing them with a screen reader, and then revising the content with proven best practices.


Hire Web Accessibility Expert

If you’re planning to make a new website for your personal/business purposes, this is a right time to hire me for accessibility consulting services. I’ll help you work through your design plan, offer advices on development documentation and draft designs, and helps you develop your site to maximize your site’s accessibility. I can work with your current design and development staffs to teach them how to create an accessible web site and assist them find the issues in your existing work. If you’re serious about web accessibility, you should hire web accessibility expert, as sooner the better.
You’ll get a report identifying which pages or pieces of HTML code are problematic, as well as a listed breakdown of what it would cost to fix each issue.


Depends on the results from the Accessibility Report, I can work with your web developers/designers to implement the suggested fixes. I’ll provide a list of changes that were made, to guarantee that the issues found during the Accessibility Report have been addressed.

If your web site is already finished, I offer web-accessibility-reports to help you understand what needs to be done to improve your web accessibility standards.

I believe that the most critical facet of web accessibility is in the practical needs of users with disabilities. My main accessibility report is totally based on practical experience with your web site:
Keyboard testing
Visual inspection
Screen reader testing

The report includes summaries of basic compliance testing and issues such as HTML validation — but the primary focus is on user experience.

Contact me to ask about consulting rates and availability
Email: beyondourvision@gmail.com

Skype ID: beyondourvision