Role of Directors and Program Managers

Research and Identify Web Accessibility Requirements

Web accessibility begins with the leaders among the teams, the directors and program managers. Web accessibility must be included at the very start of any project that a team plans to accomplish. Directors and program managers should involve in web accessibility research, in that way they uncover how adding web accessibility will affect the market and user activities. They should make a plan for making web accessibility a priority, and learn how accessibility will affect the specific end result of the project.

As far as web accessibility requirements are concerned, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) Level AA are the most often referenced guidelines, but managers should identify the specific standards that apply to what their teams are trying to achieve. This decision will probably be based on the scope of the project, the budget, and available resources.


Set the Goal

The project will rely on the goals and expectations set by directors and program managers and the type of project that the team is looking to complete. Is the team looking to include web accessibility into a new design or into an old design? It is important that goal is defined at the start so that teams won’t waste time on issues that don’t matter and, therefore, lose motivation to accessibility into the project.


Set a Budget and Consider Resources

Managing cost is going to be affected by the resources that are available to the team. Web Accessibility experts and other online available material may help cut down project’s costs. Testing tools can also cut down on costs and increase efficiency.



Furthermore, managers should assess the accessibility experience of their own team members. Are team members experienced in accessible design, or are they going to require more training to successfully implement accessibility?

The level of experience among team members is going to play a major role in cost management and time management of the project.

Appointing people with disabilities is the key to attracting the best talent possible.


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