Finding and Hiring Web Accessibility Specialist

It is important for project managers to realize that in order to maintain accessibility in long-term; they cannot get by with having only a little web accessibility knowledge. Maintaining accessibility needs comprehensive accessibility knowledge so that team members learn about their roles in maintaining web accessibility. An accessibility specialist should be part of the project to help team in all parts of the project that relate with web accessibility.


Recruit Experienced Accessibility Professionals

New Jobs Should Advertise Accessibility Expertise

If the team realizes that it needs full-time, or even part-time, accessibility experts, then accessibility expertise needs to be included in the job description.


Evaluate Web Accessibility Expertise

Questions regarding web accessibility should also be added in the interview process. Candidates should be evaluated on their professional experience of implementing web accessibility standards (such as WCAG). In addition, it should be discussed during the interview whether they have had formal or informal training on web accessibility, have experience working with assistive technologies; have experience working with individuals with disabilities. Specific questions can be asked from the contestant   according to their role,  for instance a web developer have experience of implementing ARIA and what automated tools and screen readers he or she has used for testing.


Determine What’s Best for the Team

There are applicants who may be familiar with accessibility, but not necessarily an expert in accessibility. It is up to the team managers and directors; they should determine whether someone who has some experience in accessibility is right for the job. The team may require an accessibility expert with valid credentials, e.g., an accessibility certification; or the team may be able to consider a suitable employee with familiarity in accessibility and train them to become an expert in web accessibility. If possible, the team can extend resources to the potential employee and enable them to become the accessibility expert needed for the team.


Recruit Employees with Disabilities

Best way to implement accessibility into the workflow of a project is to hire a team member who has disability. Employees with disabilities have better understanding as to what it is like to have a disability and access and interact not only with technologies, but with the world itself. Staff members need to be open to working with people with disabilities, as employees with disabilities can contribute immensely to implementing accessibility not only within a project, but within the entire organization.


Increase Interest in Team to Become Accessibility Professionals

There may be members already on the team who are talented and willing to become accessibility professionals. If this is the case, then professional development opportunities should be presented to employees to educate themselves on web accessibility and work toward becoming accessibility experts.


Even if there may be some extremely talented individuals on the team who may qualify to become accessibility experts for the team, the team member must have the personal interest and desire to become an accessibility professional, and he or she must care about web accessibility. If the team member doesn’t have the desire to be the accessibility specialist on the team, then it can be extremely difficult for the team to implement accessibility into its projects.


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