Cognitive Disabilities And Web Accessibility

Undoubtedly the most common type of disability is cognitive disabilities. This disability occurs because of genetic conditions that any individual have from birth, or developmental conditions that are with a person from a young age. It can also happen from traumatic injury, infections, chemical imbalances, or other conditions later in life.


People who have cognitive disabilities:

1 They have limited problem-solving skills

2 People, who have cognitive disabilities, have limited comprehension

3 They may have short-Term memory loss

4 They have difficulty in reading


Web Design Considerations for Cognitive Disabilities

  • Simplify the interface as much as possible for users with lower comprehension.
  • Simplify the web content as much as possible.
  • Keep videos and audio as short as possible.
  • Limit the number of choices on the screen.
  • Provide help features.
  • Design for ease of use.
  • Test your web interface with actual users, preferably including users with cognitive disabilities.
  • Web Sites that are difficult to understand or interact may fatigue users with memory loss.
  • Too many Distractions may cause them to lose their focus.
  • Provide supplement text with illustrations, videos, audio, etc. for users with difficulty in reading.
  • Avoid the highest level of color combination for text against background (e.g., black on white) BUT be sure to stay within the contrast range that people with low vision need.

Provide information in other formats like images, audio, and video for people difficulty in reading.

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