10 Easy Points For A More Accessible Web Site For Web Developers


Provide Alt Text For all images, and alternative content for all other media.

  1. Web developers should use CSS for styling and layout and HTML for document structure.
  2. Web developers must associate table headers with table cells, and use tables only when it is required, for instance data. Include a table summary.
  3. Keep a skip links option to let a user skip repetitive content.
  4. Web developers must not use flash, frames or tables for layout purposes.
  5. Web developers make design for device independence. Don’t require a mouse and don’t require JavaScript to activate links etc.
  6. Your website content should be in simple language, and specify the language used on your website.
  7. Select colors and fonts contrast appropriately.
  8. Web developers must not fix a font size on their website. Use % or ems.
    1. Web developers should use a fluid layout, using percentages or ems for width.

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