Web Accessibility Is Not Hard and Expensive

Web Accessibility is cheaper when compared to the Cost of the other alternatives


Maintaining your website accessible is cost effective. Developing an accessible website does cost time and some extra money, but creating an inaccessible website can turn out to be even more expensive in the end.


Some people think that accessibility is very hard to implement, so they avoid the responsibility and choose to take their chances with legal liability.

It is somewhat true if you’re trying to make your existing web site accessible which has lots of accessibility problems.  You may have to start over, and starting over is certainly expensive.

But if you will make a good web accessibility plan in the beginning, you’ll be able to implement accessible design into every step of the process, and soon it will become second nature.


Lawsuits are expensive

There will always be some cost related with web accessibility. It takes time to plan for it. It takes time to add accessibility features to the markup. It takes time to add accessibility features during the development phase of scripts and widgets. All of this time costs money. But when compared to the cost of trying to defend a lawsuit against your inaccessible web site, the costs are not as bad as they may seem at first. Especially if the court rules against you, the court may demand the payment of fines, damages, and/or legal costs. Even if the legal action does not go to court, just hiring the lawyers of both sides can be expensive.


Negative publicity is damaging

Negative publicity can spread quickly and can damage other positive things that the company may be doing. Who wants to see his company’s name in the newspaper, for a known company that intentionally discriminates against people with disabilities. This isn’t exactly the best way to build good reputation among clients and among people with disabilities particularly.

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