Accessibility Tips

Following are the steps of navigating the website. Try to apply these simple but very useful tips and tricks and it will make your life easier, and you don't find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere! 

      1. Skip to main content link will land your cursor where the text 
      description of the website starts.
      2. You can navigate the site through various headings. And each heading is 
      well described.
      3. Save your website link into Favorites Menu or Book mark them and the 
      method is as follows:
      The Favorites menu is available in many HTML applications like Internet 
      Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This menu allows you to save the addresses 
      of sites you like, so that you can return to them later. The hot key for 
      using this feature is “Control+D” It works with both of the browsers 
      “Internet explorer” and “Mozilla Firefox”.

Screen Reader tips for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Following steps are related to screen readers. 1. JAWS and Windows Eyes provide many of the same HTML features available in Microsoft Internet Explorer and for Firefox as well. Navigation Quick Keys: Navigation Quick Keys make it faster and easier to move around on a web page and anywhere else the Virtual Cursor is active. These commands are all assigned to keys on the main part of the keyboard, and are easy to remember and use.

For Jaws [screen reader] Users

Tip: You can also press INSERT+F3 to select the type of HTML element list you want. The following are keystrokes that you can use to display lists of various elements on the page. 1. Next Visited Link, V 2. Next Unvisited Link, U 3. Next Place Marker, K 4. Next Heading, H 5. Next Paragraph, P 6. Next Form, F 7. Next Button, B 8. Next Combo Box, C 9. Next Edit Box, E 10. Next Radio Button, R 11. Next Check Box, X 12. Next List, L 13. Next Item in a List, I 14. Next Graphic, G 15. Next Table, T 16. Jump to Line, J 17. Return to Previous Line, SHIFT+J 18. Next Non Link Text, N 19. Next Anchor, A 20. To read the Address Bar, press INSERT+A. 21. To move to the address bar, press ALT+D, then press tab to get back on yourWebsite.

For Window-Eyes [screen reader] Users

1. For links Press, L 2. For prior link press, Shift L 3. For visited links press, V 4. For text press, X 5. For control press, C 6. For NonText area press, D [ it can be any link, or control etc] 7. For place marker press, K 8. For Anchors press, A 9. For List press, S 10. For list items press, I 11. For block quotes press, Q