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First take a closer look at what is Web Accessibility? Today living in this physical world, we are still connected with the unseen or virtual world which is also known as Cyber World .

How easy it is to now days to let the world know through your website, through your blog, through social media that you exist. You share your ideas with others and other share their activities through these mediums. Do you ever muse over the idea that why your website is not appearing on search engine top ranking? What is the reason, people complaining that your site is taking long time to upload? Do you blame yourself, your web developer or the visitors just visiting and reject to visit your site again? Or do you become cranky and grouchy when getting no answer of any mind-boggling questions? It is so easily achieved by applying web accessibility standards on your website/blogs. Believe me or not, if you Google only benefit of web accessibility , there you will come to know that whatever efforts you were making to make your website on the top ranking in the search engines were the ridiculous exercises. The cardinal point you were missing was Web Accessibility . And just by these 3 magical words Web Accessibility standards can take your website in the top results of search engines. If your web developer follow all the instructions given by web accessibility expert, there you will find yourself on the right track. And you will muse peacefully after following all the web accessibility standards checked by a web accessibility expert.

Web plays a dynamic role in our lives now. In the field of education, health, jobs, current affairs, even buying or selling products we find or heard, check on the web. Therefore it is so vital now days for everyone to make the website on accessibility standards and provide the opportunity to access the same information to everyone.
It is also essential to keep an eye on the future of web accessibility and the advantages of web accessibility. What I suggest you please don t just assume rather give yourself a try by Google these words benefits of web accessibility ; it returns over 37 million results! This is the reason most of the large profile websites have offered better accessibility. And the improvement over the past few years is highly remarkable and undoubtedly positive. If you ask yourself a simple and straight question that why your website should be accessible? Then the simple and short answer is; An accessible website makes you money and provides all users equal access of the information given on your website.

Benefits of Web-Accessibility

There are numerous ways in order to save or make money through accessibility. Your website will be easily managed by all the users. Your website will be compatible with new browsing technologies. In the coming days, PDAs, mobile phones and in-car browsers will all frequently be used to access the Internet. The folks making use of these new technologies are mostly high-income individuals. To catch this dynamic audience, you will need a Website that functions efficiently on these machines. Your website will come higher in search engines results. Or in other words, making a Website more accessible to Web users, you are automatically making it friendlier to search engines. I believe you have an idea that 70 % of internet users consider search engines as their best tool finding things on internet. The download time of your home-page will be considerably better. [Do you know if your website takes much longer than 10 seconds to download, several of your site visitors won t like to visit your site again? The usability of your Website will get better. . Usability experts have revealed that a usability redesign improves the sales/conversion percentage of a Website by 100%. Your website will get good publicity) If you will make your Website accessible to everyone, you can proudly announce it to the world. You'll increase your site s users. There are million registered disabled persons worldwide; By Empowering those to get the same access of information may raise the number of visitor of your website most certainly.

Laws And Policies Relating to Web Accessibility WAI World Wide!

If you are running any website about your organization or NGO, and refusing to keep Web-Accessibility-Standards in your mind, then you must look at existing laws and policies to this new feature, before saying no to Web-Accessibility. For More Information go to w3.org/WAI/Policy
With these kinds of arguments, the only type of person who'd say no to an accessible Website would be impractical, money-hating individual. If you consider yourself among them, I advise you run away. If not, hang in there, convince yourself with these advices, and most definitely with a few examples of large, big-name sites that have already applied the accessibility standards, and you'll be on your way to landing a project you'll be proud of. Don t you think this is the high time to hire a web accessibility expert for your website? Then relax and unwind yourself.

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