People Comments !

108 Name: Imran Khan
Date: 27th February, 2010
“ I was told about the beyond our vision website by a friend a couple of months ago. I was addicted to it at first click, or should I say my first press of the enter key on its title, which triggered jaws to bring its oceans of information, powerful messages and entertainment flooding into my ears. I must congratulate the author on her continuing efforts on this website. The redesign turns the already good product into an excellent one in my view. I like the musical intro and audio message that welcome users to the website. I'm also impressed with the considerable thought and enginuity which has gone into putting useful links at the beginning for the screenreader user, and use of headings, which turns the already logical structure of the website into a user friendly one for a person accessing it with a screenreader. Keep up the good work to keep me and others inspired, informed and entertained through your website."

107, Name: Inam-ul-haq
Date: Sunday, October 19, 2008 10:22 PM
assalam-o-alaikum saima,
I have seen your interview on PTV a few days ago. I am really inspired from your efforts for doing something for others. 
I am also a visually impaired person. Reason for VI is albinism with jerk nystagmus. What is the cause of your VI? Please let me know if I can do something in your noble cause for doing something of others. 
May almighty Allah bless you and help you.

106,         Name:                                  Muhammad Yaqoob 
Date: Saturday, October 18, 2008 6:12 PM
Hope, u will be fine and enjoying ur life.
let me make one thing clear to you , that i do not use to watch TV, but yesterday i entered the TV lounge and You were sitting there. My brother criticise me that what sort of programer you are, look at her, despite her physical disability she has her own website.
thats why , i thought to have a few words with you, I have gone through ur site its good but static,
sorry , i forgot to introduce myself,
this is Muhammad Yaqoob, did my bechelor in computer science (BCS hons) from University of Peshawar, and now doing MS-Computer Science from LUMS.
waiting to see from you\
take care 

105, Name: Ali
Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008 10:48 PM
hi saima
            ya mari kisi ko bi pahli mail hia pata nahi aap ko mily gi bi nahi.Maira nam ali hia mipur azad kashmir main rahta hoon.aaj soba hi aap ko ptv kay progrm main deka hia or aap ki batin soni hian or aap ki himat or hosly per rushk aya hia kay aap main jo thori si jo kami hia us kay bagir itni himat hia. or ham jo teek tak insan hoty hian wo zara si mushkil per dar jaty hian or perishan ho jaty hian.par aap ko dak ker much main to itni himat ho gi hia or itna ihsas howa hia kay ager insan mahnt kery to us kay liya koi  kam na momkin nahi hia.main ALLAH say dowa kerta hoon kay ALLAH aap ko apny maksad main kamyab kery or hamiy bi aap ki tara pakistan kay liya kuch kerny ki tufiq day
                                         ALLAH aap ko apni hifsoamman main raky or aap ko apny paksad main kamyab kery   

104 Name: Captain (Retd) Zafar Abbasi
Date:29th January, 2008
Dear Saima
I was reffered to your site by someone indeed its awesome am deeply moved by the mettle and courage that you are facing the realities of life.
Please accept my profound compliments,
Captain (Retd)
Zafar Abbasi

103, Name: Farrukh 
Date: Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 6:44 AM 
Asslam o alakum saima,,,
i heard abt ure site in ure call in Night line of Dr.Abrar at FM100 n if u r a regular listener of fm100 u no me quite better as i m the regular caller of Khwab Dreechay n nightline and my name is Farrukh n i m from rwp,,,,i wish u best of luck for the future after knowing abt u n i hope u will get a lot of success in life(inshallah)

102. Name: Ruth Davis
Date: Friday, june 22, 2007
Dear Saima Yousaf,
Thank you for your e-mail and most interesting
article.  Your accomplishment is
impressive, and your hope to found an
accessible technology institute in Pakistan is
something that every blind person,and everyone
concerned with a better life for blind people,will
wholeheartedly support.
I also very much appreciated your web site.
I wish I could read
the Urdu poem in English. Do you
happen to have a translation of it?
We do not publish articles by readers, but
we would like to publish a slightly shortened
version as a Readers Forum contribution.
If that is acceptable, please could you
let us know the city where you live?
We looked in our files, but we only have
an e-mail address for you.
Congratulations on your work, and 
we hope you will continue to stay in
Sincerely yours,
Ruth Davis

101, Name:Mary Ellen Gembolis
Date: Thu, Sep 6, 2007 at 4:14 PM 
Hello, I have heard about your school through the Ziegler Magazine. 
I am writing to see if there is any way I can be a part of this wonderful endeavor. I am a certified teacher (grades 1-8) in the state of Wisconsin. 
I have lived and taught in Lahore, Pak. (Choifat Int'l. School) during 
The late '90's. Since returning to the U.S., I have lost most of my vision. 
I still work with students here in the States, but I would be willing 
To relocate to Pakistan if you think there is a need for my skills.
Please tell me more about your school. 
Mary Ellen Gembolis

100, Name: Larry Johnson 
Date: Fri, Aug 3, 2007 at 5:01 AM 
Dear Saima, 

I just read your beautiful story of hope and optimism in the August Ziegler magazine. 
I teach those very ideas, about which you wrote, in workshops I conduct for sighted and visually impaired audiences of all ages. 
You are absolutely right that "hope is the key to success" along with persistence, patience and a sense of humor. Although I did not create my own website, as you did, I invite you to visit it at 
The name of my web page relates to the title of my first book, which is a memoir of my experiences as a blind American DJ living and working in Mexico for 17 years. 
Saima, I have no doubt but that you will fulfill your dream and, in so doing, that you will help many other blind and visually impaired persons in your country fulfill their dreams as well. 
I sincerely believe that our principle purpose in life is to use our talents and abilities to serve others, and that we can best bring joy to ourselves by bringing a measure of joy, hope and love to the world--a world which is in such great need of those things today. 
Congratulations to you and the very best of luck. 
Larry Johnson 
San Antonio Texas, USA

99. Name: Zaidi
Date: Wed, May 23, 2007 at 11:01 PM 
Dear Miss Saima,
I just came across your website while searching for visually impaired people in Pakistan. Well I am really impressed with your thoughts and the work you are doing. 
We at are also associated with the technology support for visually impaired people across the globe and are providing accessible formats of books for them. 
Please visit our website: for more information. 

Best Regards, 

98, Name: Tariq Rishi 
Tue, Apr 24, 2007 at 11:35 PM 
Dear Saima 
Thanks for your email. I also visited your home page. Will appreciate if you change the background colour to blue which will have much more soothing effect on viewers. What you are doing is really commendable. 
Tariq Rishi 

97. Name: Alizai Khan 
Date: Sat Oct 14 8:39:20 2006 
Referred By: 
Great job done by you and i hope that you will succeed in your aims.

96 Name: Samina Farrukh 
Date: Sat Oct 14 8:42:40 2006 
Referred By: 
Behind your every success its only me your sister so don't forget me.

95 Name: salman 
Date: Wed Apr 12 20:03:30 2006 
Referred By: 
well what should i say about this site, having no clue what so ever. but one thing is for certain, that this site is not only a great display of work by
a blind lady, but its also playing a major part to unite people on a one forum and creat mutual understanding and sence of great connection among them
all! So mis saima, we all pray for your brighter tomorrow in all walks of life, and u will get mighty success for sure, as your tasks already showing some signs of remarkable spirit and determination. if u carry on in this way, success will kiss your feet inshaAllah. thanks

94 Name: Jon Morgan 
Date: Wed May 03 18:09:52 2006 
Referred By: 
Hi,, just wanted to say you have a really good website. Keep up the good work. thanks, Jon

93 Name: aleena 
Date: Wed May 24 7:24:57 2006 
Referred By: 
keep it up,brave lady

92 Name: Nauman Chaudhry 
Date: Thu May 25 13:39:46 2006 
Referred By: 
Nice work sis... MashaAllah.. Keep it up :)

91 Name: Saeeda najam 
Date: Sat Jun 10 7:58:55 2006 
Referred By: search engine 
well done saima, a very nice page. i am very happy to view it, may Allah bless you and give you more courage & success. all the best from saeeda (new york)

90 Name: keijo 
Date: Wed Oct 04 14:59:02 2006 
Referred By: 
Today the lord will give new joy and new level of love with peace to us with blessing and health,let us thanks him with cheerful hearts,pray for blessed
revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

89 Name: shaikh saab 
Date: Sat Jan 21 22:20:35 2006 
Referred By: 
asslamoalikum saima. well bb aap bohat acha kam kar rahin hain and i do appreciate the marvellous word on this wonderful site. please tell me how can i
get this melodious music that is attached with your sweet voice when we open this site.

88 Name: Romesa 
Date: Thu Feb 23 6:53:53 2006 
Referred By: nil 
It was a very nice experience visiting your website.Keep your limit only the sky.YOUR SMILE IS YOYR SUCCESS....SOOOOO.....KEEEP SMILING

87 Name: shazia 
Date: Thu Feb 23 10:01:33 2006 
Referred By: 
I found your website very informativ

86 Name: shaziahasan 
Date: Thu Feb 23 10:03:00 2006 
Referred By: 
very good indeed. keep good work doing.

85 Name: Heather Albright 
Date: Sat Feb 25 0:37:45 2006 
Referred By: 
bismelah, Salaam, Mashallaah, this is a wonderful site. I hope to have my own site someday, inshaaalaah. wa-salaam Heather

84 Name: Kamran 
Date: Sat Oct 29 15:19:52 2005 
Referred By: 
Assalamoalaykum Saima, Congratulations! for this wonderful website. I feel very proud that you have done very good job and you are a symbol for those blinds
who think they cannot do anything. Keep up for good work and may Allah give you success in your life and in all upcoming things. Wish you best of luck!

83 Name: Ameena Zahid 
Date: Wed Dec 07 11:17:19 2005 
Referred By: 
hello saima!it was an absolute pleasure visiting your site!you've done a GREAT job..hats off to u!:) infact i will e mail u in detail , i just graduated
from NCA, i paint..and i would like to find out more abt how i can provide my help. Great work you are doing here! :)

82 Name: Mayavan Gopalakrishnan 
Date: Wed Dec 07 11:24:36 2005 
Referred By: 
Saima, you are the beginning of an era for the blind and visually impaired; you are an outstanding figure in the field of welfare of the persons with visual
impairment not only in the region but also in the globe; you are an ardent supporter of the disabled community and you are also a lovely, bright and colourful
gem in the society. I am impressed upon by the home page you have created for the people in general and the people with disabilities in particular, after
browsing it. The website is very informative and useful to society. Thanks to Almighty God! Wish you to get more and more succes in your life! My sincere
and hearty thanks to you for your great contribution! Please keep it up with great courage and sprit.

81 Name: wael 
Date: Wed Dec 28 7:40:00 2005 
Referred By: 
Asalamu alaykom, your work is increasingly useful for the blind community, go on, why don't you add google sense to your page.

80 Name: Wael 
Date: Sat Dec 31 18:18:34 2005 
Referred By: 
Asalamu alaykom Saima, happy new year.

79 Name: shazia 
Date: Mon Jan 02 6:07:48 2006 
Referred By: 
dear saima i found your website very informative. yo are indeed doing a great job. keep it up.

78 Name: Michelle - Indonesia 
Date: Mon May 23 2:59:09 2005 
Referred By: 
Lovely Saima, you are a truly full of spirit women and I really proud of you and really proud to have you as my friend. With all this website you have made,
you really encourage people to have self confident and never give up though we lost our vision and sometimes made us feel uncomfortable with ourselves
because we are unable to be like normal people. .but deep down we just like others, full of life, love and spirit-hugs and kisses-

77 Name: Albert Kong 
Date: Thu Jul 07 2:23:09 2005 
Referred By: 
I am sure that you are a very happy person. I can see that you are a very since and kind lady. I could like to know you better. You have Create a very helpful website. Thankyou.

76 Name: Imran Paracha 
Date: Tue Jul 19 5:39:54 2005 
Referred By: Tuba 
fantastic work saima..... sky is not the limit for ur success......go beyond it

75 Name: Salman 
Date: Tue Jul 19 10:43:25 2005 
Referred By: by no one 
Well its wonderful site, and i love to visit it specially the marvellous voice that welcomes us in the start, so keep it up young lady, May God bless u
we are with as well. Love it alot and

74 Name: mansoor 
Date: Sat Jul 30 19:45:06 2005 
Referred By: 

assalam o alaikum i ve visited ur wab page where i found really great work done by you just for a very noble cause may allah bless you and help you on every
path of your life

73 Name: Arnold Bailey 
Date: Tue Aug 30 12:36:43 2005 
Referred By: low_vision yahoo group 
Saima. Great job. There needs to be a way to inform the low vision/blind individuals that the web can be a valuable tool allowing us to perform as well
(or better) than everyone else. You have made an excellent start. As a singular one, you already have made a difference. I’d be glad to help. I’d like
to interchange some thoughts with you in the future. I’ll email you.

72 Name: John 
Date: Fri Oct 28 2:23:52 2005 
Referred By: 
I was impressed with your site since this theme is very close and important for me. Do not stop and continue! You know, I even have written to myself to
the future letter with a reminder on your site ( I hope, in 30 years I shall be again the visitor of your site. Up to a

71 Name: Kevin 
Date: Mon Feb 28 9:07:08 2005 
Referred By: 
Nice site. Keep up the good work.

70 Name: Ghulam Nabi Nizamani 
Date: Sun May 01 14:45:41 2005 
Referred By: Saima 
I hope this page will unite WWDs of Pakistan on Single platform. Please go ahead Blessings of "ALLAH" are with You and Your noble cause. Take care of Your
health for more work for invisible community.

69 Name: hina altaf 
Date: Wed May 11 0:17:33 2005 
Referred By: 
this is a good website but it need some improvement. please include address of aziz jehan begum trust for the blind in lahore which is the best school for the blind in pakistan

68 Name: Nauman Chaudhry 
Date: Thu May 19 15:04:48 2005 
Referred By: 
reall a nice job ;) keep it up dear!

67 Name: Afshan Iqbal 
Date: Thu May 19 15:05:20 2005 
Referred By: Nomi Chaudary 
So nice to see that people with disabilites can excel in life and go so far...May ALLAH give you the strength to reach your dreams...

66 Name: Adrijana 
Date: Fri May 20 6:53:11 2005 
Referred By: Friends who visit this website often. 
Hi Saima, This is a great website for blind and visually impaired people. There is a lot to learn here and I recommended it to many people I know. Keep
up the good work and if you need any help, please let me know.

65 Name: Lynne 
Date: Mon Sep 27 19:03:42 2004 
Referred By: saw your post on blindeindurope 
What a great thing you are doing here, Sima. I am Fazil's friend, Lynne in Australia.

64 Name: Darren Duff 
Date: Fri Oct 08 10:07:21 2004 
Referred By: your web page 
Great job with the page! I love it!

63 Name: Samar 
Date: Mon Oct 25 2:33:58 2004 
Referred By: 
Saima Keep it up!

62 Name: Tuba 
Date: Fri Dec 10 1:07:06 2004 
Referred By: Ur e-mail on Channel 3 
Yesterday I was watching "MOST WANTED" on Channel 3 n listen ur mail. I am Heartly impressed from ur brilliant efforts n Sis ur intensions & efforts r truly
like a glowing Lamp 4 all those ho r unsatisfied vid their lives doz not matter having sight or not."MAY ALLAH LET THINGS EASIER 4 YOU IN DE LIFE." Aameen.

61 Name: Saba 
Date: Fri Dec 10 8:21:03 2004 
Referred By: 
Hi...hope saima u would be fine..i came to know about ur site through channel 3 ...and literally for some minutes u made me in gr8 shock....this is may
be becauz of ur ambitions,love for life ,courage,hard work and everything i must say....i really appreciate ur work ,,ur site is worthseeing....may Allah
bless u with lots of more courage and give u good health....u raelly hav set an example for all the people here not only for those who cant c but also
for those who has ability to watch but are blind from there hearts....take alot of care of ur self..saba

60 Name: serenity 
Date: Fri Dec 10 10:19:48 2004 
Referred By: 
may Allah bless u with every possible happiness in life.

59 Name: Khawar 
Date: Fri Dec 10 18:25:59 2004 
Referred By: 
I highly appreciate your efforts.

58 Name: Imran 
Date: Wed Sep 15 14:06:35 2004 
Referred By: 
well saima, this is good work. i will only say "wel done"

57 Name: Rufus 
Date: Tue Sep 21 23:35:22 2004 
Hi Saima, I think you have a fantastic web site and I am sure everyone, who visits this site will get a lot of help and information from it, as Well as a bit of family atmosphere. Keep doing what you are doing and I have no doubts this site can only get better and better. (smile)

56 Name: Jennifer 
Date: Fri Jun 04 17:23:37 2004 
Referred By: the website designer 
Very nice job with this website. It's easy to read and informative. I hope it helps lots of people. I'm glad you have a link to the Hadley School which has wonderful courses. I have been on the World Bank's employment discussion list, which is where I learned about your site, and I have to give you lots
of credit for putting it together for others dealing with quite a few more barriers than I could imagine. All the best.

55 Name: M. Akram (Danish) 
Date: Tue Jun 22 12:11:00 2004 
Referred By: Babar Shahzad 
Nice to see your page, I am deaf, I volunteerin wiht different organization, it'll be my pleasure if I can help other PWDs. I have website (
), if you people like please give it ia visit and let me know how good or bad is it for blind people so I'll try to improve my site and make it accessable
for blind people too. thanks Disability shouldn't stop us from looking forward.

54 Name: irum 
Date: Thu Jul 08 1:37:40 2004 
Referred By: saima 
this side proves that it's name .u can get everything which u require. personally i feel that this side shows the keen interest to help those who needs
it. this side also shows that saima is very comptative dedicated as well hardworking girl

53 Name: Malik YOusaf Iqbal 
Date: Tue Aug 31 3:03:17 2004 
Referred By: Babar shahzad 
Hello Saima ! first of all i would like to tell u that my name is Malik Yousaf iqbal. I am a physically challenged person the reason was POLIO. i have seen
ur home page. i would like to tell u more about me. I m also working for the rights of disable people in pakistan now a days. through a new established non goverenmental organization . Babar has recently take the responsibility in our organization as a Vice Chairman of the organization. You can be a member
of our organization as well. You can get more information from Babar. Thankyou very much. wish u best of luck. Regards Yousaf.

52 Name: Mumtaz M. Yousaf 
Date: Fri Sep 03 10:21:06 2004 
Referred By: N/A 
Hi Saima; I am glad I found your Web site. Now I can share your "VISION" with my Turkish friends and direct them to your site whenever they want to know
about Pakistan. I believe through your website You will give pleasure and hope to others. "Vision is the art of seeing things invisable to others". My
best wishes. Mumtaz Yousaf

51 Name: Zeeshan 
Date: Fri Sep 03 10:53:12 2004 
Referred By: None 
Really a nice approach

50 Name: Bill Simpson 
Date: Wed Sep 15 5:42:13 2004 
Referred By: Saima 
Excellent as usual sams, the way the text sizes change as the cursor moves over it is great, although may be slightly disconcerting for a fully sighted
person, but on the other hand it is just a way of reminding people how lucky they (we) are to be fully sighted_well done

49 Name: Karine 
Date: Wed Sep 15 6:37:15 2004 
Referred By: Saima 
Hello Saima, I wanted to say I've looked quickly at your site and that's very interesting and very well done. I admire your work, it's very brilliant of

48 Name: carla 
Date: Tue Mar 16 14:23:46 2004 
Referred By: 
a great website with lots of useful courses online

47 Name: Samar 
Date: Sat Mar 27 2:44:24 2004 
Referred By: The Host! 
Saima this site is a "Screen-readerFriendly one and it takes just a few seconds to upload! Good going! Shaabaash!

46 Name: Michael Goren 
Date: Tue Mar 30 15:54:11 2004 
Referred By: The site owner 
I am honored to call you friend and to be here.

45 Name: Mahmood-ul-Hassan Khalil 
Date: Sat Apr 03 8:58:30 2004 
Referred By: an email 
well it is a great job and i really admire this and wish u a very good life God bless u

44 Name: Xiaoyu 
Date: Wed Apr 21 16:02:19 2004 
Referred By: 
Hi Saima, This is really a nice web site! You even used Dynamic HTML for your page! 
Thanks for the efforts to gather all the information!

43 Name: Imran 
Date: Tue May 11 2:01:12 2004 
Referred By: 
MS. Saima, i visited Ur website. it is really nice. ur attitude towards life 
is so much optimistic that it inspired me a lot. keep this spirit up. May Allah bless U with happiness.

42 Name: Sarah 
 Date: Mon May 17 19:59:30 2004 
Referred By: 
Hi Saima, This is soo very neat. I like this site a lot.

41 Name: Mike 
Date: Thu Jan 01 2:18:45 2004 
Referred By: wife's guestbook 
Nice site! I enjoyed the Pakistan links-I have so much to learn about your country. 
I know so little about the world!! I am glad there are individuals out There who do things like this. It's what makes the internet great!

40 Name: Zahid 
Date: Mon Jan 05 22:34:14 2004 
Referred By: 
Hi Saima Its always great visiting your site. You never seem to stop amazing me. 
Keep up the good work. You are very communicative. Must be Gemini. They
are very communicative and nice. I myself am Gemini. That is why I know for sure. 
Grinning. Take care

39 Name: Samar 
Date: Wed Jan 07 12:35:55 2004 
Referred By: Saima 
Saima Great! you've left a note at your old u r l! In fact, I intentionally went to 
check this this technical mistake which is often seen whenever a web
gets re-located! Shaabaash!

38 Name: Samar 
Date: Fri Feb 13 4:39:40 2004 
Referred By: 
Saima, there is a space between "Want to lern" and the "Question Mark" remove 
that space then it would be read like:-- "Link, Want to Learn?" Shaabaash!

37 Name: Heather 
Date: Sun Feb 15 14:58:49 2004 
Referred By: 
Nice site, keep up the good work.

36 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Thu Feb 26 4:14:55 2004 
Referred By: Saima 
Saima You got it! it is the best title, Just don't change it! Shaabaash!

35 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Mon Nov 24 2:19:12 2003 
Referred By: Saima The Brilliant! 
you've gotten wonderful friends! keep it up!

34 Name: Samar 
Date: Thu Mar 11 2:34:24 2004 
Referred By: The Host of this Webshop! 
good going Saima! now this page has a very well-planned page about Pakistan! 
Bravo! "Shaabaash!"

33 Name: Tom Sykora 
Date: Wed Dec 10 1:52:07 2003 
Referred By: 
Very ease to read for a partially sighted person :) Lots of Pakistan information. 
No pictures :( (I coiuldnt find any) Nice chatting with you on audio tips
:) Tom

32 Name: Alistair Kelly 
Date: Fri Dec 12 12:47:17 2003 
Referred By: 
Hi, Well done for completeing the web page, I to am blind and live in 
Scotland, must try and construct a web page of my own! Best wishes! Alistair 

31 Name: S Z Faruqui 
Date: Sun Dec 14 10:22:52 2003 
Referred By: Samar Faruqui 
I am Samar's father. He asked me to visit your page, which I did. I just went through it. 
I must say it is a wonderful piece of work, very versatile and informative. May Allah Bless you.

30 Name: Shawn 
Date: Sun Dec 14 19:11:38 2003 
Referred By: Saima 
I haven't had time yet to explore your site, but it looks like it'll be a goood 1. 
I think it's great you have a section on islam. I think if everybody knew something about 
each other's religion the world would be a better place. I live in Kansas USA and enjoyed 
talking with you on Audio Tips today. You certainly stay up late. haha

29 Name: Shawn 
Date: Sun Dec 14 19:45:45 2003 
Referred By: Saima 
Hi Saima, it's me again. I'm going through your site seeing what links you have. Noticed
you have Hadley school there, I took a couple of their courses this year, A birdsong Tutor
and Internet Basics. Internet Basics is all on-line and very informative.

28 Name: Sajid 
Date: Thu Dec 18 18:13:49 2003 
Referred By: 
I like your website, I think you have done a stirling job. Good luck with the website.

27 Name: Mike E 
Date: Thu Dec 25 0:32:39 2003 
Referred By: Saima 
Very nice site, Saima. Keep up the good work. 

26 Name: Alex Stone 
Date: Tue Dec 30 8:18:50 2003 
Referred By: chathouse list 

25 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Sat Sep 06 3:16:49 2003 
Referred By: 
Saima your work is commendible! Specially this link "Do You Know This Book?" 

24 Name: irum 
Date: Wed Sep 17 17:01:02 2003 
Referred By: saima 
saima has done gr8 job to upgrade her website. this shows her keen interest regarding 
computer studies. one thing which admire me that she tries her level best to help and 
sort out all links in that website which she nows.

23 Name: Franklin 
Date: Sun Sep 28 22:57:57 2003 
Referred By: Eyes2Eyes 
A most beautiful Homepage and hope you add more Poetry. Blessings to you always and 
may only the BEST touch your life. I live in the USA but I respect ALL peoples, everywhere! 
My Blind Friends are Special! 

22 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Tue Sep 30 2:30:48 2003 
Referred By: Saima! 
Hello everyone! today I went through the "Its Me" link, I think that it is the best 
section of this Site! Saima you should add some more Childhood Pranks! Any Activity, 
any trick, any Practical joke, ETC ETC ETC!

21 Name: Christopher Stewart 
Date: Tue Oct 21 23:33:37 2003 
Referred By: Samia 
Very nice webpage Samia, has a lot of fun things to read through. Always Christopher 
Stewart stuntman martial artist "Each day when I get up I see my life in a tea cup, 
a bowl of rice to fill my needs. Three bowls a day to sue the seeds." Take care

20 Name: Zahid Abdullah 
Date: Sun Oct 26 21:07:59 2003 
Referred By: A Friend 
Hi Saima You never stop amazing me. Your site is unique and behind it is a 
very unique and special person who knows how to work and work hard. May Allah
keep your dreams alive and desire to do something great burning inside You. Your site and its contents speak volumes about your wonderful personality.

19 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Sun Nov 23 4:08:11 2003 
Referred By: The Brilliant Owner of this site! 
Shaabaash! Got re-located!

18 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Sat Aug 30 13:12:30 2003 
Referred By: 
One Must Salute people like Saima! Keep it up!

17 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Tue Sep 02 2:02:12 2003 
Referred By: 
Saima Please Add more about yourself, EG, "Sams" "As a Person," "Sams Friends" 
Sams Childhood," "Sams' Pranks in childhood!" As everyone won't be interested
in shuttling back & forth between the links! ok?

16 Name: Bill Simpson 
Date: Thu Apr 24 10:14:30 2003 
Referred By: 
What a great site, Saima, It will be very useful to many people starting out in 
the scarry world of computers, I wish I had found this sight before. There are many 
interesting links, and it must be a special lady who spends so much time to help others 
with problems- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. See my next entry also. Best Wishes Bill

15 Name: amjad 
Date: Sat Apr 26 6:20:28 2003 
Referred By: 
i reciently visited ur web site u have really made a great affort to arrange such a use full data about special education /special persons and the other espects of life . God bless u all the way AMJAD SOHAIL

14 Name: Jim Shaffer 
Date: Sun Mar 09 16:17:47 2003 
Referred By: 
Thank you for visiting my Cyber Blink site, and for linking to my page. 
I wish you all the best, and hope God continues to bless you and me.

13 Name: Samar 
Date: Tue Mar 11 3:20:31 2003 
Referred By: Ab achaa hoe gyaa haay , Shaabaash! 
Ab achaa hoe gyaa haay, shaabaash!

12 Name: Hajra 
Date: Tue Mar 11 7:24:16 2003 
Referred By: 
Saima it's a very good effort, keep it up. 

11 Name: Mushtaq Ahmed 
Date: Fri Mar 14 0:00:09 2003 
Referred By: Saima herself 
Lovely. Your page speaks of your passions for the fellow beings. Shine like Saima, 
smile like Saima The above is my prayer for all fellows

10 Name: irum 
Date: Tue Mar 18 6:54:55 2003 
Referred By: saima the gr8 piscerian 
well done saima,this website shows that if their is determination one can achieve it's goal. 

9 Name: Zahid 
Date: Mon Mar 31 0:36:12 2003 
Referred By: pbcu list 
Hi Saima Its a much improved site now. Keep up the good work. Its always great to 
see a visually impaired girl in country like Pakistan literacy rate is so low doing 
such a great job. It reinforces my belief that there is no dearth of talant provided 
that over ruling elite would give us a break Cheers Z

8 Name: LTC 
Date: Sat Feb 01 16:19:23 2003 
Referred By: you 
yah nice website. Keep it up.

7 Name: Sajid Iqbal 
Date: Sat Feb 01 18:14:40 2003 
Referred By: 
Good effort! Please add more new links!

6 Name: Deen 
Date: Sat Feb 01 21:20:37 2003 
Referred By: 
Hello Saima, I was very impressed with the information you have gathered for your website, it was very interesting to read. For someone like yourself,
who knew nothing about computers, you certainly have gained a lot of knowledge. 
I admire you for creating such a wonderful website and most of all thinking
of others. Keep up the good work. Your friend, Deen

5 Name: Yousaf 
Date: Sun Feb 02 2:33:19 2003 
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4 Name: Z 
Date: Sun Feb 02 12:38:42 2003 
Referred By: Lady herself 
Very impressive. Brilliantly wonderful job

3 Name: ambreen bukhari 
Date: Tue Feb 04 15:38:52 2003 
Referred By: saima 
well i have no words to say im speachless. Its great try for those people who are very special. 
Means the lady sam feels very soft corner for these persons & iam really happy that she showed 
the people that 'if u have a desire to do something then remember God is with u'. 
My prayers are always with her that she will achieve more goals in her life because 
she never shows any one that she needs a special care i'm really proud of her

2 Name: Samar Faruqui 
Date: Fri Feb 07 1:06:28 2003 
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1 Name: Jackie McBride 
Date: Mon Feb 17 13:12:39 2003 
Referred By: Saima Yousaff 
Ok, Saima, here's what's up. The first link on your website, just b4 your introduction, is a 
correct link to your guestbook. The second one, at the bottom of the page, which was what 
I tried, is incorrect.