My Life !

Salaam! Hey, it's Me, Saima from Pakistan!

I am visually impaired and would like to tell you just a little about myself. I hope you don't find this hard to decipher or unsolicited. I just plunged into creating this page myself. But, of course, if you get bored, you can always, go back and explore the other links. - (Grin) -

My Childhood:

My childhood was full of colours and I enjoyed it a lot. Playing many outdoor/indoor games. Let me confess something here. I was really naughty as a child. If anyone messed with us (my brother and I), he/she had to suffer a lot. I loved riding and boating.

My Teenage years:

This was when I became very hyper, stubborn, super-sensitive and obstinate. The reason for all this could have been that I wanted to be very active but, because of my eyesight, everything was blurred. I felt that I was hanging in between things in the middle of nowhere. These kinds of feelings changed me a lot. I started avoiding people and trying to hide myself in the mist. I started writing poetry and stories to expose my emotions. However, I have managed to move forward. I have learnt a lesson, that if your faith is strong enough and Allah is with you, then no matter what, one day you will get whatever you desire.

I believe in:

My faith is in life after death. I know each of us has some duties, which Allah has selected for us and we all have to perform these duties. I believe in spirits. I think that they can still feel us. They have some sort of communication with us. Those, whom we love but are not with us anymore, can still communicate with us, for instance, in the form of our dreams. I believe that Allah sometimes advises us in the form of dreams.

I Detest:

I loathe and hate those who have double faces. I detest liars. I detest sloppy people. I detest despair. I detest people who say, "It's impossible."

I Love:

I love nature. I love humanity. I love my family/friends/my passion and my burning desires. I love to share others 'grief'.

About My Father:

He belonged to the Pakistani Army. He is a man of law, order and principle. He applies these things in his daily life. When I was a child many times I felt as though We were his troops and he was our commanding officer (Grin). He taught me, by example, how to live my life with honour and fight back. One should bounce back no matter what hurdles come along. I still remember the day when I told him "Dad, I want to do something where I feel that I am living my life with honour and I can be comfortable answering to Allah, my parents and my own conscience." I am extremely thankful to him for teaching me how to live my life with dignity, respect and honour.

About my mum:

My mom is a homemaker, she is a for real mother. Throughout her life I have seen her not only working but providing the loving care her family deserved. She taught me the true meaning of Agape Love, how to show genuine Affection, how to care for the things I am responsible for and how to conduct myself as a Lady..

I Am the youngest:

I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They both are always there for me whenever I need them -- But - please don't ask them anything about me, as they would come up with loads of stories about my childhood. I think they both gave me a tough time sometimes. - "Grin"

New arrivals:

Please let me share something new and exciting about my family with you. My Sister-in-law is the most recent addition to our family. I am so pleased to include this information in my web page, at least, now she won't be able to complain anymore. I just want to let her, and everyone else know that I am thrilled and excited about her being part of our family.

I am notthe youngest any more!:

I am happy now because I am no longer the youngest in our house (very big smile) and now I can repeat history given how my brother and sister treated me when I was growing up. Their children are going to face the same music, - "Lol". Let me add a little something extra about my niece and nephew. They love to hang around things other than their own toys. The punch line is... "Curiosity Killed the Cat." It seems as though everything they touch has to be dismantled. They think that they will surely invent something new by dismantling everything. I don't think they have ever heard the old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it"... I love to tease them, but I also love them immensely.Now I have one another nephew and he is following the same rules set by his brother and sis cousin, big smiles!

My Best friends:

Well, I believe: I am blessed from God. They fill my life with their loving aura and caring nature. I owe many thanks to them for what they have done for me and still continue to do. I love them and I pray to "Allah", that our friendship may flourish through our whole life.

My Cyber-Friends*

I have spent few years in cyberspace. I really feel that they are my Guiding Stars sometimes. "And", here I find a number of people who confirm this belief: No matter where they are from, no matter what their age is, they have become a part of my life. I still have not met any of them. Although , we are very far away from each other, but still; they are always there for me.

My Aim, Passion and Intense Desire:

Well, since my childhood I have wanted to do something. However, after my loss of sight I lost interest in almost everything. I fought back since I felt I only got what I deserved. only shame and humiliation. I did not like anything and I could find no honour and dignity in what I believed. I could find My Faith in Allah: Allah is always there to help me out when I find no one else around me. I don't want others to be confronted by the sort of problems that I faced while getting my education. I want to run an organization where a group of people collaborate to give children advice and provide them with the assistance they need and deserve. I especially want to tell the parents of special needs children that they should love their children for who and what they are. Focus on what they can and do accomplish, not what they can't. Don't stop them and think that they can accomplish nothing because of their handicap, but rather, give them the confidence in themselves that they will need in order to succeed in life. I would like to end with this quote...

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising up every time we fail. " Ralph Waldo Emerson