Web Accessibility Is Ugly?

Myths and Misconceptions

Sometimes web accessibility makes some people nervous, and they have their own doubts, many of which are actually myths.


Accessible web sites can be stunningly beautiful?

Most accessibility features are invisible.┬áLet’s first discuss the fear of ugliness. It’s your own assumption, or at least it should be a myth. Definitely, there are some bad designs out there for people with disabilities. But that’s more of a failure of your own imagination and perception. If you like to have ugly designs, you’re free to do so, but don’t blame accessibility here. Designs for people with disabilities can be just as beautiful (or as ugly) as designs for anyone else. That is all up to you.


Do you know that most of the features of web accessibility Are Invisible. The main point of universal design is to make one design that fits the needs of a wide range of people.

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