Seizures And Web Accessibility

Seizures are unusual or unpredictable electrical impulses in the brain that affect person’s ability to process information or, in some cases, control voluntary muscle movement. Seizures can be triggered from different circumstances including brain injury, dehydration, sleep deprivation, infections, fevers, drug overdoses, drug withdrawals, and even flashing lights. This last type is the one that is of interest to web developers. Not all people with seizure disorders are sensitive to flashing lights, still, web designers and media creators can choose to avoid flashing lights as a way to prevent possible injury to the viewers.


Web Design Considerations for Seizure Disorders

Web developers should avoid videos, animations, or transitions with flashing light sequences of 3 times or more per second. Using flashing, blinking, and flickering content that lasts for more than 3 times per second may trigger photo-epileptic seizures in users.



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