Motor Disabilities And Web Accessibility

In Motor disability, people loss partial or total loss of function of their body parts.

This may result in muscle weakness, poor stamina, lack of muscle control, or total paralysis. And users may not be able to use the mouse.


Web Design Considerations for  Web Developers

1  Keyboard functionality

All controls and functions can be used with the keyboard only on the website. Because people with  motor disabilities are not able to use mouse easily.


2 With session time-outs, warn users before the time expires

Whenever session time-outs, warn users before the time expires (e.g. an accessible dialog or alert), and provide them the option to extend the session. Make sure the warning itself allows for slow reactions. A recommended minimum response time is 2 minutes. People who are facing motor disabilities need more time to enter information into a web page. So, it is important that they are given enough time and options to extend time limits.


3 Provide large click targets (links, buttons, controls) for users who have movements that are difficult to control.

People with this disability, may need to be able to activate targets on a web page. Increasing the target area for these users can help make best use of their chances of accurately selecting the target on the web page.


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