Color-blindness And Web Accessibility

It does not exactly mean that a person can’t see any color at all. People, who have color blindness, find it hard to distinguish between certain kinds of colors, especially colors that are of equal brightness.


Different Types Of Color-Blindness

There are various types of color-blindness, so it is hard to give a precise explanation of which color combinations are the worst for people who experience color-blindness.


  • Red And Green Color Blindness

The most common form of color-blindness is red-green color-blindness, which makes it hard to distinguish between reds, oranges, and greens.


  • Red and Black Color blindness

In addition to red-green and blue-yellow color-blindness, the colors red and black may be hard to differentiate for some people.


Do Not Rely On Color to Communicate Information

As colors may look similar to each other to those who are color blind, it is important that color is not used as the only way to communicate or share information.


Web Design Considerations for Color blindness

  • All content must be understandable without needing to distinguish between colors Reds and greens are especially problematic when used as the only way to pass the information.
  • When colors are used only to communicate important information on a web page, people who are color blind may miss that information completely.

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