Blindness Related Resources !

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

It is your faith that works; no matter if you don't know how or when to take your first step. You must focus on some of your abilities God has given you;
as well as focusing on various resources where you feel you are capable of doing many things. In this section, you will find Tutorials, Resources, and Computer Training, along with your Speech Program. Please don't forget to click on those links where you can also entertain yourself in other ways.

Screen Readers

Freedom Scientific - Home Page
GW Micro - Window-Eyes
FREE THUNDER Screenreader


Low Vision Software
WebbIE, the free web browser for blind people with little or no sight

Blogs and computer Info

AppleVis Podcast | AppleVis
Blind Wiki | A resource site for the sight impaired
Inthane's Grab Bag, blind Computer and programming Information, plus, links to Jamal Mazrui's open source applications and Documentation
Jaws And VIP Software Guides
Talking Windows Pre-installation Environment: Background and Limitations
The Blind Geek Zone — You don't have to be a geek to love it here!
Fred's Head from APH, a Blindness Blog
Talking Tech
The Portable Freeware Collection
Microsoft and accessible issues
SeroTalk | A podcast and interactive blog on the accessible digital lifestyle, produced by Serotek, the Accessibility Anywhere people
The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast
Tutorial and Shortcuts For internet users

Home pagesOf Blind And Visually Impaired Individuals

After my vigorous search, I found many phenomenal home pages of other blind and visually impaired persons. These sites are very informative. One gets a lot of extensive information and learns new things as well. Don't just pass by, give it a try...
Jeff Rutkowski's Webpage
Mickey Quenzer's web site
Low Visionary
Ashley Cox - Blogger, musician, creator. Official Site
Welcome to Blind Mobile Tech | Blind Mobile Tech
Everett Zufelt | Technical Architect and Agile Practitioner
Welcome to our Website! | Hartgen Consultancy
Blind Planet | Your one-stop resource for anything blindness

Courses For Blind People

Accessible University
Hadley school
Blind Access Training | Where we train with your success in mind
Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities | Doug Richard's School for Startups
Welcome to CAVI: the Cisco Academy For the Vision Impaired
Windows OS | Get Education At Home

Audio Books And E Books!

Free Audio Books "/>
Welcome to DailyLit [get e/books via email]

Accessibility Related With Social Sites And Soft Wares

Accessibility News International
AccessTalk | UK access tech podcast
First Impressions of WordPress | HookedOnThe.Net
Accessible Apps - Android Accessibility
Accessible YouTube - YourTube
Accessible Insights Blog
Accessibility News, your Online Magazine Devoted to Disability Accessibility
All posts for "Web Accessibility" category | Humanising Technology Blog

Misilinious Links

Ray Star's World-Audio-Discriptive-Movies
Eyes On Success audio show | Complaints & Greivances For People With
Blind INC
International Union of Braille Quran Services (IBQS)
American blind bowling Association
Shorten Long Links, Share Short URLs, Ziplynx
Paper&Steel | Beauty and Strength in Synergy
Welcome to The Blind Post classified news for the blind. A great place to share and sell! Tips & tidbits from the Food Lady, Blind Man Walking, Global Cane
WGBH - Media Access Group - DVS Home Video®
The Zone BBS - Games, Community, and Cool hWhhhhhip
Coaching Judo for Blind Athletes
Student Life
Blind World Magazine for the blind and visually-impaired

Games For Blind People!

Accessible Games
BCS Game


Deals & News for the Blind & Visually Impaired - Blind Bargains
Glassbrick | Screen Magnifier
Braille Embossers from Enabling Technologies
Low Vision Aids | Magnifiers - Independent Living Aids
Duxbury Products
Humanware - Products
Low Vision Devices for Computer Use -
Vision Technology - Manufacturer of Low Vision Aids
Speech Research Lab: Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, and Speech Processing
Enhanced vision

Mobiles Accessible Softwares

I Phones and Stuff
Code Factory
TalkNav - Home
Voiceover Easy Home Page

Mailing Lists

Blind apple mailing list for IPhone and Mac operating system.
books and software for the blind
for computer related issues and other queries.
audio books world for audio books and audio format of movies
if u want to say any thing then join say every thing group. The participants in a global Summit on the Rights of Women with Disabilities, held in Quebec, Canada, in August 2008, launched a global network of women with disabilities, which aims to include women with ALL types of disabilities from ALL over the world. The goals of the network are to share our knowledge and experiences, speak up for our rights (through the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the human rights framework), bring about change and inclusion in our communities, and empower women with disabilities to be leaders of today and tomorrow. We invite ALL women with disabilities to join us and we will achieve these goals TOGETHER. If you like to join this group, then send email on:
Asia Pacific Center On Development for persons with disabilities (APCD) has created a new mailing list called "APCD_VIP". I believe you can subscribe to this list by sending an email to:
For Blind Farmers: Send an email on,
And put the word subscribe in the subject line.
For Blind Muslims
For Blind Webbers
If you are interested in Programming then you can subscribe to that list.;
The subscription for the new i devices beginners is:
The penpal magazine is a magazine for blind penpals that want to make friends, to subscribe, please send a message to
A mailing list related to Android use for the blind is vi-android. To join, put the word subscribe in an e-mail to:

Face Book Groups And Pages

Find Beyond Our Vision on Face Book
You can also find "beyondourvision" on twitter Find Beyond Our Vision on Twitter