The journey of the Audio Magazine Guiding Stars !

In our Audio Magazine project, Guiding Stars, visually Impaired and sighted people all worked together and contribute their talents.
The main goal of this audio magazine is to open new paths of communication and understanding between the blind and sighted communities. This magazine is going to be unique among magazines, because we gathered all of our Guiding Stars from different parts of the world, people who believe that:
"If we can dream it we can do it. "

OUR purpose AND GOALS!!!!!!

I would like to explain a little more about our purpose and goals, Our objective is to infuse a positive attitude in society and to spread greater awareness throughout the blind and sighted communities alike through this small but vigorous effort.
*What we would like to do is to let others know, through our positive attitude and examples, is that a visually impaired person is not someone to be ridiculed an ignored but someone to be valued and included in the everyday life of the community.
*To give a clear vision to both the sighted and blind communities about how we can make a difference through communication.
*Explain how a visually challenged person can make his or her life better and more productive with the help of special adaptive technologies and resources.
The punch line is:
"Remember, we all stumble, every one of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand."

If any of you would like to contribute in this noble cause then 'to spread awareness. Because we believe that if a single drop of water can give life to a thirsty soil, then likewise your contribution can give a ray of hope to a visually impaired person--who might be waiting and praying somewhere to live their life more independently. Yes, it can be done--through advance technology.
It's not us who will reward you for your contribution or cooperation to this noble cause, but the Allmighty Allahu Subhanatallah, who will reward you. We hope and pray that you, who are visiting the site, will think for a moment not with your mind but with your Heart, mind and soul. Because with these three basic elements one's becomes a true human being and, after that, one can only think of humanity and wants to love and serve humanity. Please pass this information on to others

Contact Us

If you would like to get a free coppy of Audio Magazine "Guiding Stars", orIf you would like to send your feedback or to participate as a volunteer in the next addition, send your email to our Guiding Stars Team at:
Guiding Stars 3 is also available on Richard free Ipod services

Audio clippings of different volumes of Guiding Stars

Clippings of Guiding stars 1
Clipping of Guiding Stars 2
Clippings of Guiding Stars 3